Solent Music is a breath of fresh air in music tuition. Concentrating on quality teaching whilst keeping your child interested with music they like to learn. Jack Davies has been superb; flexible,approachable and always willing to go the extra mile for his student. My 9 year old daughter has hugely improved under his tuition for voice and piano and even won her school X Factor with Jack accompanying. We wouldn't go anywhere else! 

-- Alison Potts--

To whom it may concern, I am delighted to provide a reference for Mr Davies. He has been my children's piano teacher for 3 1/2 years. He has taught my son since he was 4 and my daughter since she was 7. He also now teaches my 3 year old. Shortly after my children started lessons I began to regret it. What I regretted was that I was missing out. Jack has been teaching me more than 3 years and I have developed from absolutely no ability to studying for my Grade 3 classical exam. I have also studied the Jazz syllabus and continue with this as well. Jack is an extremely talented teacher. He is able to explain things in a very clear way. He is also very patient and intuitive knowing if it is time to move on or change tack. In particular he is really good with my children. They are not always easy to teach but he has many different tricks to keep them interested and learning. His flexibility, particularly with travelling to us, is invaluable. We hope he will remain our teacher for many years.

-- Dr. Peter Howard --

Jack  and Isabella,   We were recommended Jack by our previous piano teacher who moved out of the area. When we spoke with jack and arranged our lessons for Isabella, we found his approach calm polite and helpful, particularly to our needs and requirements.  It didn't take much time for jack to build a relationship with Isabella and 

gain her trust and cooperation. Isabella  is very easy going but doesn't warm to people quickly, so it was a pleasure to see her warm to Jack.   Jack's teaching is more like a friend playing  and Isabella responds, most of the time to the techniques jack uses, (unless over tired which cannot be helped with a five year old). From an educational point of view the methods jack uses are appropriate for those of younger years and he constantly finds new approaches with Isabella, (5 minute attention span).  Jack invited us to partake in the Christmas concert which we felt this year was a little to much for Isabella but we attended and watched, Isabella has since spent  weeks talking about the concert and telling us how she is going to play in it next year.  I am happy that my little girl enjoys and is enthusiastic with piano, although just not when it is daddy playing at home! Well done Jack and thank you. 

-- Mr Dominic Hearne  --  

Jack has been teaching piano to myself (a 30-ahem-something mum) and my daughter who is now 7, for almost 10 months. Not only has he been patient and kept the learning fun and varied along the way, but my daughter and I are really enjoying the challenge and pleasure that comes from learning and playing the piano. My daughters school teacher loves the fact that she's learning too, as she's a firm believer that learning an instrument at a young age can also help with academic learning. So far this has proved to be true and so I couldn't agree more. Even my 4 year old son concentrated long enough for a trial lesson so hopefully the benefits will keep on coming!

-- Stacey Pimm --

Jack, from Solent Music has been teaching our two daughters the piano since September. It was with sadness that our last piano teacher moved on and we hoped we'd find someone that the girls connected with. Jack has been great, he has completely got the measure of our two, very different daughters and adapts his teaching style accordingly. Our eldest daughter, who has a times struggled with the piano has found a new enthusiasm for music which is great to see. Jack has recognised that it's not necessarily about pushing for exams but more important to get the girls to engage with and enjoy their music. 

A wonderful new teacher!

-- Anni Pavitt  -- 

Our daughter Lucy and our son James have had piano lessons with Jack for the last couple of years. They thoroughly enjoy their lessons, and feel completely at ease with Jack. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jack; he is punctual, reliable and extremely likeable.'

-- Mr. and Mrs. Whiting --

'My daughter, age 16 and learning voice and piano, always looks forward to her lessons with Jack.  My daughter tells me that his friendly and enthusiastic approach in lessons gives her the confidence to tackle music that she finds difficult.  Objectives and timelines for pieces and exams are set between them (important with older teenagers), and achieved.'

-- Jane Tandy  --